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Broadway In Detroit is happy to offer Metro Detroit Library Members discounts to the best Broadway shows in Detroit through its Corporate Discount program. There are currently discounts available for the shows and performances below. For Streaming Performances, you must purchase through the streaming site. Broadway In Detroit may not be responsible for technical issues or requirements. Details on how to contact the streaming providers is included below where available.



Broadway In Detroit discount offers are not valid on previously purchased tickets or in combination with any other offers. They are based on availability and may be discontinued at anytime for any reason. Tickets purchased online through, and charge by phone are subject to Ticketmaster service fees. Please note that these discounts are NOT available at the Fisher Theatre box office.

Fisher Theatre ticket prices include parking & facility fees.
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Discover a whole new world at Disney’s ALADDIN, the hit Broadway musical.

From the producer of The Lion King comes the timeless story of ALADDIN, a thrilling new production filled with unforgettable beauty, magic, comedy and breathtaking spectacle. It’s an extraordinary theatrical event where one lamp and three wishes make the possibilities infinite.

Discounted Performances 


    • premium main floor/Premium mezzanine $130 seats 
    • main floor 1/ mid mezz$100 seats for $87
    • main floor 2/front loge/back mezz $85 seats for $75
    • rear main floor/back loge $65 seats for $59
    • balcony 1$45 seats for $43
    • balcony 2$35 seats for $30 


    • premium main floor/Premium mezzanine $140 seats 
    • main floor 1/ mid mezz$110 seats for $100
    • main floor 2/front loge/back mezz $90 seats for $83
    • rear main floor/back loge $70 seats for $66
    • balcony 1$50 seats for $49
    • balcony 2$40 seats for $35


aladdin's seating map sections: 
  • Premium Main Floor: Center Rows A - M, first 4 seats off the Aisle Main Floor Right & Left Rows A - M
  • Main Floor 1: Center Rows N - R, 5th & 6th seats off the aisle Main Floor Right & Left rows B - M, first 6 seats off the aisle Main Floor right & left rows N - R
  • Main Floor 2: Remaining Main Floor except rear side corners
  • Rear Main Floor: Rear sides of the Main Floor 
  • Premium Mezzanine: Front row of the Mezzanine
  • Mid Mezzanine: Second row of the Mezzanine
  • Back Mezzanine: Remaining rows of the Mezzanine
  • Front Loge: First 2 rows of the Loge 
  • Back Loge: Rows C - H of the Loge
  • Balcony 1: Balcony Rows J - O
  • Balcony 2: Upper Balcony Rows P - U

See full seat map HERE


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Follow these directions when ordering tickets for streaming events:
  1. Click on the provided link.
  2. Enter the code (if needed) when purchasing your viewing pass or subscription.
  3. Follow the directions provided in your email confirmation to watch the streaming presentation.
  4. If you have any issues, please contact the show or website program for assistance.
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