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Student Rush


From time to time we will offer Student Rush with the approval of a show's producers.

What is Student Rush

When a show agrees to offer Student Rush, we will make last-minute deeply discounted tickets available to students presenting valid ID in person at the venue box office. The exact details of Student Rush tickets will vary by show and sometimes by performance depending on a variety of factors, usually how many tickets are available the week of the show.  Extremely popular shows may not offer a Student Rush, but often offer a digital lottery instead. Some shows, offer both, many offer one or the other.

When will you announce if Student Rush is available

We NEVER announce student rush until just before a show opens, usually on the Monday or Tuesday of the first week of performances. If Rush is available, we will announce it on our Social Media Platforms, currently: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

Who Qualifies for Student Rush

Unless otherwise noted, Student Rush is available to High School & College Students.

How to Purchase Student Rush Tickets

Qualifying students can bring their valid school ID to the Fisher Theatre box office 2 hours prior to the show time.  Tickets are sold based on availability at the time the ticket is purchased. A maximum of 2 Student Rush priced tickets can be purchased per valid ID. Student Rush is rarely available on Premium Seating areas, but may be available in any area of the theatre - based on what is available that day.

Popular Questions about Student Rush...

Why don't you offer Middle School or Elementary Students Rush?
What about Teachers?
Why don't you offer a SENIOR Rush for Senior Citizens?

The best way to answer these popular questions is to explain the reason WHY STUDENT RUSH is offered here and across the country.
We offer high school and college students deeply discounted tickets to foster a love for theatre in our next generation of potential theatre goers. High School and College students are usually experiencing their first moments of freedom to make their own entertainment choices and how to spend their own disposable income. At a time when they could spend their time and money on any variety of entertainment, we offer Rush as an affordable way to introduce this generation to Live Broadway Theatre and show them why our older generations not only come back, but often become subscribers.  Student Rush is not just a way to fill empty seats or offer community programs. It is an investment in the future of Broadway.

Important Reminders

MOST shows offer deep discounts for Student Groups & Senior Groups through our Group Sales office so that students, teachers, and seniors can save on tickets and see the show in a group outing. These discounts are available in advance and without a deposit, allowing your group to reserve seats, collect money from students and parents, and see the show at a great price together.  Our Group Sales details are available HERE.

After announced, Student Rush can change or be discontinued at any time and for any reason. Student Rush isn't guaranteed for every show.
If you want the best seat right away, your best option is to purchase a regular priced ticket in advance.






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