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Fisher Theatre Self-Guided Backstage Tour Stop 4

This is where the costumes live during the run of a show.

For shows with a lot of cast members and a lot of costumes changes, this area gets packed FULL of costumes. This is also where the hair and makeup departments live. They have packing/shipping and storing down of these elements down to a science.  Costumes and Wigs will often come in large boxes (called Gondolas) that can simply open up and have fully operational storage and workstations ready in a matter of moments.  The boxes then create walls to section off areas for efficient and more private work areas. 

Our wardrobe department head and local crew members are also union members and are all part of IATSE Local 786- The Theatrical Wardrobe Union.

The photos below show how this area looks with hair and wardrobe in place.

During the 2010 engagement of West Side Story, Michelle Aravena (Anita) gets her hair ready in rehearsal. Michelle recently appeared on Broadway in Beetlejuice.