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Fisher Theatre Self-Guided Backstage Tour Stop 6

The basement (ok... you're in the basement... the SUB - SUB Basement) is not a part of our tour. 

First, for liability reasons…but frankly, it’s a little spooky down there.  We do want to point out what happens in the deepest part of the theatre.

A large room with a giant boiler and many machines and pipes with overhead lit control panels.

This huge machine is a steam and chilled water distributor. This is how the temperature in the theatre is controlled. This massive machine requires a full-time engineer to monitor, and it is an art form to maintain an appropriate temperature factoring in the size of the audience as well as the changing weather outside.  Many of our shows have in their contract specific temperature requirements that must be maintained (typically around 70 degrees). So next time you see a show, and it is a comfortable temperature in the theatre, thank our hard-working engineers!