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Fisher Theatre Self-Guided Backstage Tour Stop 8

Our next stop and most glamourous part of our tour – The Star Dressing Rooms!

We have 4 floors of dressing rooms.

The rooms on our 3rd floor (where you are now) are slightly bigger and are known as our “Star Dressing Rooms”.

These are the dressing rooms that the leads (or the roles that have the heaviest performing lifts) typically use. Feel free to take a peek around and see what our stars get to experience when they come to The Fisher Theatre. A Star Dressing room contains its own Green Room, bathroom, and makeup station room. 

The Green Room is the standard name for the waiting room for performers before being called to the stage.  There are different theories behind how the green room got its name.  Some feel that it was because green was a soothing color to help calm stage nerves.  Others say that it was because various business transactions would often take place there. 

On the higher floors, there are 4 dressing rooms per floor as opposed to the 3 that you see here. Those rooms are considered Ensemble Dressing Rooms.  They are set up to have space for multiple actors to use the same space.  They do not get their own green room space, and 2 dressing rooms share a bathroom.  Those spaces are sacrificed in order to accommodate more actors. 

Originally, these would have been for the Supporting Roles and the Chorus would actually get ready in the area that is now used for Wardrobe (did you notice the lights and mirrors when you were down there?). The Chorus would not be afforded the same type of privacy as non-Chorus roles.  But as cast size of touring productions has gotten smaller, it has been a long time since we have not had the capacity for all of the performers to be in these dressing rooms.

The rooms upstairs also have large lighted makeup mirrors. One thing you may notice are the signatures on mirrors.  A lot of the artists who perform here leave their mark by signing their names!